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The Rare Earth Elements : David A. Atwood :

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The Rare Earth Elements: Fundamentals and Applications

The rare earth neodymium is a popular choice for high-strength magnets; others include holmium and samarium. The secret to their magnetic properties lies in the arrangement of the electrons in the atoms of certain rare earth elements. In elements with weak magnetic properties such as sulfur, most of their outer electrons are grouped in pairs; those in these particular rare earth metals have unpaired electrons that increase their magnetic properties. Chemical compounds made from rare earth elements have useful properties relating to color and light; for example, cerium sulfide combines cerium and sulfur to produce a red pigment that is used as a less-toxic alternative to traditional compounds based on the heavy metal cadmium.

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Europium, another rare earth, sees wide use in electronic displays to produce pixels of bright red light. Rare earth elements play essential supporting roles in the manufacture of electronic components.

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He is the founding editor and editor-in-chief of Main Group Chemistry. His research interests include detection and removal of heavy metal contaminants such as mercury, cadmium and lead, from the environment, the preparation of nanoparticulate metal oxides, prevention of aluminum alloy oxidation, and the synthesis of new Lewis acid compounds to effect new reactions, such as the breaking of phosphate esters bonds like those found in nerve gas agents and pesticides and the destruction of methyl-t-butyl ether MTBE a widespread water contaminant.

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